Three ideas to improve a couple's sex life

After many years together, it is not uncommon for couples to become bored. Their sexuality becomes routine. Here are three ideas to improve your sex life as a couple. 

Talk about your fantasies with your partner 

Fantasies are an integral part of sexuality. In fact, they are deep sexual scenes that a person imagines. This person wishes to satisfy this sexual desire, and sharing it can nourish the eroticism in a relationship. To do this, it is recommended to confide in your partner your crazy desires. This will lead to new sexual experiences and enhance their relationship. 

The partner might have a fantasy of having sex on the kitchen bench or even in the bathtub. The partners' sex lives are changing and becoming much more fun for them. Get into the habit of writing down each other's fantasies and find a time to experience them.

Try new sexual positions

Routine and lack of information are the two things that slowly kill couples. To remedy this, it is recommended that couples try new sexual positions that they are not familiar with. That said, it is recommended to practice the 69 positions, the cavalcade, the missionary position or the cowgirl position.

For example, the cavalcade is a nice one for hot sex in a car or in a less conventional space. It is enough that the woman puts herself on the man to dominate the penetration. As for the man, he has the opportunity to hold the woman against him, to grope her and to smooch her tenderly.

Compliment each other 

Everyone loves compliments. There is nothing better than feeling loved and attractive to your partner. It's so nice and lets you know that your partner still likes you and wants to be with you. Compliments are known to boost feelings and limit unpleasant situations and criticism. Talk to your partner and tell him or her what you like about him or her. By doing so, it will help to create complicity between the two partners. Obviously a great complicity is not a brake to the opening of discussions on sex.


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