How do I put on a condom ?

The condom is a wrapper usually made of latex that allows you to protect yourself during sexual intercourse. However, for better protection, the condom must be placed effectively. How to put on a condom well then? 

The male condom 

To put on the male condom, you must tear the packaging and remove the condom with great care. Use the small notch provided for this purpose. If the package does not have a notch, use your fingers and be careful with your nails. Avoid using teeth, scissors, or knives. These objects are sharp and can puncture and damage the condom. Once the condom is removed from the package, do not unroll it directly. 

First, place it on the erect penis by pinching the small reservoir at the end of the condom and then unroll it downwards.  Be careful not to place it in the wrong direction, or it will not be able to be unrolled. If you respect all these steps, your condom will be well put, and you can use it without any risk. 

The female condom 

The female condom is not put on in the same way as the male condom. To put the female condom on properly, you must first adopt a good position (sitting, lying down, or standing with one foot on a chair). Then open the packing and withdraw the condom with delicacy by taking care not to damage it or perforate it. 

The female condom consists of an inner and an outer ring. Insert the inner ring inside your vagina and push it in with your index finger.  The outer ring should not go inside the vagina. It should stay out and cover the entire labia area. That's it; your condom is in place and well-positioned. You can now proceed to the act.