Three benefits of masturbation for women

Although it is psychologically taboo and in many other ways, masturbation has many benefits to the point of being recommended in certain circumstances. What are the benefits of masturbation for women?

Masturbation facilitates the knowledge of one's body

Masturbation is a way to better discover oneself and to master one's sexuality. It allows us to know the various erogenous zones of its body. Having an intimacy with oneself and giving oneself pleasure would offer the opportunity to increase one's potential of development and erotic blooming.  

When a woman masturbates, she learns to appreciate her body, to explore it and to accept her sexual tendency. It builds self-esteem, allows her to accept her flaws and learn about her physical assets. Some women experience more pleasure from clitoral stimulation than from penetration. Masturbation is an opportunity to know this and to guide her partner.

Masturbation is a stress reliever

Caressing allows the brain to release the pleasure-stimulating organ.  As the process progresses to orgasm, the endorphins released make you feel good the next moment. Stress can be a cause of insomnia. Prolactin, a hormone secreted during orgasm, then allows you to fall asleep in a state of happiness and relaxation. Masturbation allows women to reach orgasm, which gives a better feeling and avoids negative thoughts.

Masturbation develops the sexual imagination

Whether it is practiced with or without sex toys, it favors an imagination of all possible erotic scenarios. While masturbating, when the pleasure rises, the eyes are closed and one lets one's imagination act by letting go and savoring this wonderful moment. 

Imagination is very important in a couple's life. It allows you to avoid routine and to experiment with other strategies. Masturbation allows the woman to stimulate herself more and to be able to communicate with her partner about the things she has imagined and that have given her pleasure.