What are the most common sexual positions?

Making love is not just about coitus. It takes a whole set of things for both partners to get off as desired. This is why several sexual positions are adopted. Which ones are the most common?

The missionary

This is the default sexual position and is the most common in the world. A study in France revealed that this position comes first in the ranking of popular sexual positions with a rate of 35.1%. It is the sexual position that consists of the man lying on top of the woman.

The advantage of this position is that it is as beneficial for men as for women. Each partner finds his account there and to take into account the words of the religious, "it is the only sexual position recognized by God". It remains to be seen if everyone adheres to this thought.

Doggy style

After the missionary, this sexual position is the second on the list. It has become very popular recently and women love it above all. According to popular thoughts, it is a position that leads to an orgasm for sure. It is the sexual position that is the most popular with missionaries.

Doggy style involves the woman getting on all fours and the man penetrating her from behind. This position favors the intense stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina and gives the man full control over the depth of penetration. 22,5 % of French people love this position.

The Andromache

According to some popular gossip, this is the sex position for more sensuality and romance, this after the missionary of course. This sexual position, which consists of the woman sitting astride the man, is very popular with women. It is a position that gives them full control over the angle and depth of penetration. 

Unlike doggy style, the Andromache is a sexual position that is a little more favorable to the woman than to the man. In any case, each partner can enjoy it and eye contact is a big part of it.