Three secrets to easily reach orgasm in women

Women are not always lucky enough to reach orgasm during sex. Some say they never experience this sensation. This article gives three secrets to women to easily reach orgasm.

Getting into the right mood

Before having sex, a woman needs to prepare her brain and put herself in the right conditions. To reach orgasm, she must prepare herself because the higher the excitement, the easier it will be to reach orgasm. 

A sensual movie or an aphrodisiac tea could facilitate this exercise. It is necessary to create a sensual, erotic or romantic atmosphere before the appointment. This way, the excitement will rise in order to pass to the stage of pleasure and then to the orgasm.

Position your body for more sensation and excitement

During sex, certain positions tend to promote orgasm more than others. Adopting a comfortable position that is pleasant and exciting for your body allows you to optimize your sensations and facilitates caresses by your partner or yourself.  The clitoris, for example, is an organ whose stimulation gives pleasure to two out of three women. Putting yourself in a position where stimulation will be easy could increase the chances of reaching orgasm.

Focus on physical sensations

Clearing your mind, forgetting your fears and focusing on the physical sensations can bring a lot of pleasure. During sex, it's best to focus on what you're feeling and let your partner focus on theirs. Selfishness during this moment allows you to reach orgasm. 

In addition, expressing your desires, the rise of your pleasure will excite him and guide him to the parts that will make you both reach orgasm. Anxiety, stress and all other psychological blockages reduce the chances of orgasm, so this advice should be taken into account if you want to achieve this goal.